Preventing Your Dog Escaping From Their Crate or Kennel

preventing crate escape

This article focuses on preventing your pooch from wanting to escape rather than choosing a dog crate

Introduction to Crate Escape

Dogs are smart animals, of that there is no double. Perhaps you have personal experiences of your dog escaping from their crate or maybe you have seen the huge number of informative videos on youtube. Videos of Houdini dogs escaping are not only entertaining but informative. It is not so funny though if your dog, on escaping from their crate proceeds to tear up your new sofa or destroy your personal items, therefore, escape-proofing your dog should be high up on your agenda!

It is important to recognize and understand the underlying reasons why your pooch would want and attempt to escape. With experience, we have come to the conclusion that there are two main reasons.


Adventurous Dogs – The need to Explore

  • Give your dog something to keep them occupied. There is a whole range of treats and toys that will keep your dog occupied and interested enough to keep them from thinking of escape. A Kong Toy with a healthy dental treat inside can serve many purposes at the same time!
  • Find out how your dog is escaping if they are successful and attempt to rectify the problem. Fixing your dog crate could be as simple as using some cable ties to reinforce a wall, repairing the locking mechanism, or gluing some parts together.
  • Re-evaluate your choice of a dog crate. Perhaps you have chosen a crate that is too small for your dog making the pooch feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic. Some wooden dog crates are prone to being chewed so a metal crate might be a consideration. Invest in a crate that will last a lifetime rather than trying to save money on a sub-standard product that is too small. If our tips and tricks do not work and your dog is continuously escaping – perhaps a proper heavy duty crate is needed.

Dogs That Suffer From Separation Anxiety

  • Try to avoid making a big issue out of leaving your dog and returning to them. Just leave, when leaving. Do not attempt to comfort them. When arriving home, wait a few minutes before petting your dog and greeting them.
  • Give your dog regular exercise and try to tire them out when out and about. If your pooch is tired, they are more likely to want to sleep in the crate and not escape. Some dogs are very active and need to run to expend their energy as opposed to just a regular walk.
  • Get your pooch into a crate routine, so they know what time of day they will be going into their crate. It is a good idea to do this after they have had some exercise.


We hope our tips and tricks will help you stop your pooch from wanting to escape. Nobody wants a Houdini dog; it adds more stress to our lives, and it is a sign your pooch is not feeling 100% as well. As dog owners, we should always endeavor to keep your pet feeling happy, secure and healthy!

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