Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate Review


The Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate is truly one of the best dog crates money can buy, and this review will look in-depth at this dog crate covering all of its advantages and disadvantages!

There are lots of different types of dog crate out there, from wire crates, crates made of fabric, wooden furniture style ones and much more. If you have a particularly powerful pooch that is prone to escape and destruction, then a heavy duty ‘escape proof’ dog crate is for you.

There are many crates out there on the market that market themselves as “escape-proof,” however, they tend to have certain disadvantages in one or two areas that mean you as the customer will have to accept.

For example:

Some heavy duty crates gain their strength from thick steel bars and construction making them very heavy and bulky. These are clearly not ideal for those that like to travel with their dog and are primarily suited to be kept in a stationary position in the home. All is not bad with these crates, however. If you want a heavy duty home for your pooch that will not leave the house, then you can pick these up pretty cheaply.

Some of the cheaper crates markets as heavy duty or escape proof are made from very flimsy materials and are poorly constructed creating a potential hazard to your pets. Poorly welded bars can easily be

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