english-pointerThe English Pointer as we know it today was bred in the 18th Century England as its name suggests. They were bred to be gundogs and stand ‘on point’ after finding game. They will point their noses towards their find and freeze in this position until the hunter arrives with his gun.

These days, they have become loved family pets and have also taken to being show dogs, but their original talents as gundogs are still in use. The English Pointer is thought to be one of the first breeds in Australia to help settlers with food gathering.

Gentle & Sweet-natured, the English Pointer is full of energy and needs an active family


The English Pointer is a kind, gentle and fun-loving breed. They love the company of humans and are a great choice for families wanting to introduce a new pet to their home.

They love being exercised as this is not only a bonding moment with their owners but also allows them to explore the instincts they have been bred to have. Being outdoors gives them a sense of freedom that they love. English Pointers have high energy levels and need a lot of exercise.

Although Pointers can appear to be quite highly-strung, they are friendly with people and other animals. They are not a guard dog.

English Pointers are easy to train because of their love of human interaction. They see it as a way to spend extra time with their owners playing a new game. They respond well to positive reinforcement. It is very important to start training from a very early age to teach your English Pointer to learn its boundaries.


English Pointers are low maintenance due to their short coat, requiring little grooming. However, a light brush using a hand glove to remove loose hair a few times a week is recommended.

These dogs need plenty of exercise, roughly two hours daily. Even if you have a large area for your dog to play in, it is advisable to take your English Pointer on daily walks. They can resort to destructive barking and chewing if they become bored and restless.

Like all dogs, English Pointers require regular tick, flea, intestinal worms and heartworm treatments. Consult your veterinarian on treatment options. Desexing and vaccination against diseases, such as the deadly parvo virus and highly infectious canine cough, are also important to discuss with your vet.


This breed is ideal for active families with children or for active singles wanting a workout buddy. Their high energy levels are far too high for elderly people, and can be too boisterous for young children. English Pointers are not suitable for apartment living unless they receive enough exercise to meet their needs. A house with a large backyard is ideal.

Fact file

Breed classification Gundog
Size Large
Origin England
Lifespan 10 – 12 years
Colors Liver, black, liver & white, lemon & white, orange & white, orange & lemon or black & white
Cost $1000+
Common hereditary problems Hip dysplasia, epilepsy and skin allergies.